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Chitchatting With Anna Chisholm, Mum, Health Coach and Awesome Lady

July 18, 2016
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Eeekkk!! This is my first Chitchat with a person in person. Like a real video interview. Double eeek!

I love chatting with people about life in general, but also food. And really let’s face it, I am a bit of a voyeur, an excellent eavesdropper, and a bit of a chatterer (and really I needed to shutup a little in these videos, lesson learned!) so the idea of interviewing people and learning something along the way is completely up my alley. Like seriously so. So here goes. Welcome to my new segment of Chitchat with Mandy.

So first up….the wonderful Anna or An, like I like to call her. Who is this amazingly wonderfully talented and passionate lady you ask?


She is Anna Chisholm from Anna Chisholm and Mumfolk. She is Anna the health coach, personal trainer, mum, social worker, wife, business owner, crazy busy, awesome yogi, blender chugging, bliss ball loving, veggie hailing, lovely woman who I had the opportunity to hang out with for a morning, jeez a few months ago now. Wowza, that went quick.

We chatted for a while actually about all things food, health, yoga, kids, mindfulness and she even let me eat her food! And her beautiful kids and ours played together with her hubster Benny and it was really a lovely morning. Thank you also to my hubster for filming.

You will see below the videos broken down into roughly roughly the topics we were talking about. Let me know if you like this format as I find it helps me pick and choose which areas I am interested in and want to listen and watch about without sitting down for an hour. I mean seriously, who gets an hour uninterrupted these days! But I also hope you get to watch them all.

So here goes….Chitchat with Mandy with Anna Chisholm.

I am really interested about the next video as we as a family have cut down our meat content in the last few years. For environmental reasons budget reasons, some health reasons and also a little spiritual too. But really I am always fascinated by the reasons behind people making choices and even more so from a food perspective.

And for the same reasons why it fascinates me about food choices, even more so as to how that translates to someone’s children.

My nickname in one of my jobs was ‘Spirit fingers’ (thanks Harry!!) and I feel that name sums me up a little in the kitchen. I make a lot of mess but I also touch everything. Love how simple this recipe is that Anna makes for us.

I  love myself a bit of yoga but I think I need to get into the other exercises Anna shows us as well.

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And please, leave any comments here or on the channel as to what you think about these videos, or who you might like me to ChitChat with next! And pretty please, any feedback is welcome (respectfully) as it truly is a gift and I trust your opinion.

Cheers, Mandy


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